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Thank you to the Contest Sixties and Seventies Musicians for my art winning 1st place

February 10th, 2017

A big thank you to the Contest - Sixties and Seventies Musicians and my art piece titled: " Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin" winning 1st place finished on January 31th, 2017! Awesome, thank you to everyone who voted for my art 1st place...humbly accepted ~Blessings and Peace :)

Ps. Also in the contest my art titled: "Behind Blue Eyes - The Who" won 2nd!

Thank you to the contest...Buddha...won 3rd place for my art

January 23rd, 2017

A big thank you to: Contest -" Buddha" and my art piece titled: " Blue Lotus Buddha" winning 3rd place finished on January 23th, 2017! Awesome, thank you to everyone who voted for my art 3rd place...humbly accepted ~Blessings and Peace :)

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Thank you to Contest - Gumdrops and Lollipops and other Tasty Treats win 3rd place

January 23rd, 2017

A little late to the show....Thank you to: Contest -" Gumdrops and Lollipops and other Tasty Treats" and my art titled "The Peppermint Elixir" winning 3rd place finished on September 26th, 2016! Awesome, thank you to everyone who voted for my art 3rd place...humbly accepted ~Blessings and Peace :)

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Feeling Good for Finishing 2nd in Contest...

March 27th, 2015

I am feeling good for finishing 2nd in the Contest - "Stars and Nebulas" that finished on March 14, 2015. Thank you for all who voted thinking my art was good enough for 2nd place...brings love in my heart! This was a special piece of art that I think turned out beautifully, and it is dear to my heart...because I think the angels are always near to us. Certainly the angels have been there for me in all of my trials and tribulations, therefore I give my tribute to them - thank you for all you do!

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Twilight Sky In The Realm Of Angels -

Twilight sky in the realm of angels
Is where I belong
I look with amazement
So many stars
I dream and never forget
This very beautiful night...

"Twilight Sky In The Realm Of Angels" poem by: Michelle LeAnn Scott

Feeling good for finishing 3rd in contest

March 3rd, 2015

I am feeling good for finishing 3rd in a contest called "Digital Dynasty" just noting it now - Thank you! Here's the art for it - "Platinum Blondie"

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Taking time to Laugh...

February 12th, 2015

I am watching the old Saturday Night reruns on VH1 Classic - some of these skits are funnier than sh!t! They are playing the 2000's to the 1970's start - episode after episode. It started a couple of weeks ago...but I waited till they got to the early 80's years. Love the Eddie Murphy years and Everything in the 1970's - actually these are the only really funny ones! LMAO "Mister Robinson's Neighborhood" skit...ha ha too funny! After Eddie left...they just weren't that funny anymore!

Some of these artists are pretty funny and far out on here too, their bio pics and some of their keeps me smiling even late at night! I love to see the creativity of many people on here, it's good to know some are a little bit on the weird side like me...LOL! Laughter is like good medicine, so true, this is even an old proverb...

The Chess Game

December 13th, 2014

The world seems to be crumbling around, everything is falling apart! F-it, I get so tired of figuring out stuff...just when you think you know what life is all about - something else comes up to blow your world apart. I feel like I am on one big chess board in a huge universe game of pawns here on a place called earth. You turn on news, they spin look on the net, this person has the answers, then this person, then another one?

It's like trying to get home but all kinds of roads this way and that way, detours, circled roads that bring you back to where you were before, and then of course the liars and tricksters. I figured out it's all a damn illusion, everywhere you go they just want you to be in fear, politically correct f-ing robots! I shall stay creating my art and "they" can kiss my ass, you don't own me and you are not my puppet-master...screw you! I have survived everyday of my life going through many fiery trials of hell on earth, and he stands in the fire with me. The darkness I have gone through, no one knows...but I will survive! I am a survivor, for I have earned a warrior's heart.

When things dont make sense in a world that doesnt play nice

November 19th, 2014

Sometimes I get so pissed off at all my health problems, it's like a constant energy drain. Sometimes I look at the "normal" people in society (you know the ones that look like they have their sh!t together on the outside) and wish I could have my health back and do all the "normal" stuff again - I feel I am always viewing life through tunnel vision. The outside looking in...

It can be quite frustrating when I am trying to be creative to do my art or think for that matter, but my excruciating migraines and headaches take up all my head space and put a vice on my head so much that you can't even think straight, let alone stand light or sound. Or when I can't walk because my lower back is all screwed up, and my neck hurts so bad it grinds when I move my head - and hurts day and night, sometimes it hurts so bad, just to turn over in bed makes me cry. Sometimes my arthritis is so bad, every joint and bone in my body hurts, including my hands throb and burn so bad it hurts to do my art. And recently I just got done having my kidneys screw with me, and suffered a mild heart attack. Not to mention all the other crap I go through on a daily basis - I know it sucks to be me...

Then not to mention not having ins because you can't afford it or no money because you can't work a normal job. Try going to the docs and just to walk in the damn office costs $250 or more - yeah frickin' hiway robbery ( I hate drs and the medical field they are high priced BS con artists, in cohoots with the ambulance chasers (the Lie-yers) and the big pharma pushers (poison peddlers) - and the big "O" and the gang on the hill all think they know whats best for all of us (the little people, the "peasants") by calling us stupid and conned us with their "bait and switch" game. Welcome to the good 'ol us of a, whatever happen to the "Hippocratic Oath" that the docs and the medical community were supposed to uphold ethics and abide by, without corruption? If I were to let these do what they want with me, I would be dead by now!

Sometimes the "norms" don't know how good they have it? Because after all, health is a precious commodity! The smallest of things most take for granted, it can be hell for people like me - welcome to my world! My body has been broken, my emotions have been tested, my mind has been stretched, my spirit has been tried by fire, but my soul has gained strength I never knew. Through prayer, spirituality, laughter, nature, holistic medicine and the ancient paths of old, eastern medicine, and a few western hope kicks in. I am ready to go home when that time comes, but for now I create whenever I can and "f" the rest! I am an old soul - sometimes I ask what the hell was I thinking to incarnate into this life with this blueprint, was I crazy or what? Oh I forgot, I am one of those crazy artist types...

And that is my rant for the evening...

(this is my personal journal - it's therapeutic for me to do this - it helps sometimes to empty my head)

Late at night ramblings...

October 10th, 2014

I love staying up late and creating art, it's when I am my most creative. Day time is such a drag; the noise, the lights and all the other interference. Besides it takes me till noon to get my sh!t together anyways, never quite awake till late afternoon. Drawbacks at night is I have to compete with the ghosts and other weirdness including my mind...LOL!

Never quite got this blog thing here, I think I will use it like a journal? It's not like I have to write my every move, I never got why some people are like that? Seriously write a tweet for everything they do, and facebook all those "fake" friends...strange, *shakes* head in disbelief? I like creating in my cave, the yuppies can have their world - I do just fine on the outside looking in at all the chaos.

Watching the news is getting so weird, everyday gets weirder and weirder - I think I am in a lucid dream? Thank God, I have Jesus my friend with me and my art skills...I just don't know how people can cope with all this crap lately? New meds help to deal a bit better, Okay I think I emptied my head enough for tonight...

I am so Happy I won 3rd place or 2nd place in contest Favorite Music Album or CD Cover Design???

June 14th, 2013

I am so happy I won 3rd place or 2nd in the Contest - "Contest - Favorite Music Album or CD Cover design" The reason I say 2nd or 3rd is because I really don't know??? It keeps changing constantly, every time I look in there (The Winners) it keeps changing, very strange indeed. I don't know why it keeps playing "Musical chairs" with our artwork after the contest has ended 2 days ago???

All of us 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place all had 4 votes, so I guess we all tied...but I keep *scratching* my head and don't understand why it is able to change after the finality of the contest is over with??? Oh well, I am NOT going to give myself a fricken' migraine over it, it is what it is!

So I am humbled and honored to win, thank you to Suesie Q who sponsored it, be sure to check out her gallery, she's got some amazing art. Thank you to all who participated and all your amazing art. ~Blessings and Peace :)

Here is the artwork that won! My tribute to the "Nudge" = Ted Nugent

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